We are committed to creating a safe and comfortable space with exceptional accommodations, food, beverage and hospitality. To protect all guests and our team, we ask that once inside our building you:

*Practice social distancing 

*Wear a face covering 

*Wash your hands

*Utilize cash free and contactless payment
*Do not enter if you have symptoms of COVID-19

*Enjoy yourselves, while still taking public health seriously. We are all getting used to this new norm, let’s do it together! 

We are strictly adhering to all local and state governmental COVID-19 mandates, the procedures and best practices outlined by the CDC, and have implemented many additional protocols (outlined below) to help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for our guests.


Should you elect to valet your vehicle, we will park your car in our fully secure parking garage underneath the hotel. Our overnight parking rate is $30.00.

Our valet attendant will wear a medical grade face mask and a new pair of latex gloves will be worn each time an attendant handles a guest’s vehicle.


A stanchioned off, socially distanced check-in queue has been created for guest safety.

Our property uses brass keys and an electronic fob to grant guests access throughout the property. Please note that each key and fob set is disinfected by hand, and spends five minutes in a UV light device which eliminates bacteria/viruses.


We have temporarily removed and suspended use of the following in-room amenities:
*French press coffee and tea stations
*Purified water carafes
*Bedside throws

Complimentary 10-pack of disinfectant wipes will be provided in each room.

To request the removal of additional in-room items please contact the Front Desk via the bedside iPad.


All room service deliveries and signatures now take place at the door threshold. Our staff is not permitted to enter a guest room while the guest is inside.



Pre-arrival cleaning service features thorough cleaning of all high-touch areas including, but not limited to, door handles, light and control switches, faucets, toilets, floors, counters, brass trays, TV remotes and iPads.

Guest rooms are cleaned using hospital-grade, hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner.

All Housekeeping employees will wear medical grade face masks, latex gloves and will follow mandatory enhanced sanitization and hygiene protocols. Our team will use a new set of gloves with each guest room they clean.

All operable windows will be opened by Housekeeping during each room clean to allow fresh air in and enhance air flow.


Daily guest room housekeeping services are now only available upon request. This is to prevent the time our Housekeeping team spends in occupied guest rooms. To request daily cleaning, please hang the ‘Require Cleaning’ door tag outside the guest room. Turn Down service is not offered.

While we encourage the re-use of towels to reduce contact touch points, towel restocking is available should guests desire. Please contact the Front Desk via the desk side iPad for additional towels or linens.


Due to the small size of our Fitness Center and difficulties enforcing occupancy limits, it is closed until further notice.


Enhanced sanitization protocols are implemented throughout the property featuring thorough cleaning of all high-touch areas including, but not limited to: door handles, counters, push plates, elevators, buttons, and all other popular touch points.

Elevator has been equipped with an Air Ionizer to enhance air purification.
Hand sanitation stands are placed throughout the property.

Social distancing and mask wearing protocols are displayed throughout the property to re-enforce property expectations.

Reduced occupancy levels for all public areas, restaurants/bars and event spaces have been implemented.

All operable windows in the lobby will remain open and the use of air conditioning will be limited.


*Our lobby and outdoor garden are available for hotel guests only. Non hotel guests utilize sidewalk seating in front of our property.*

Occupancy & Social Distancing:

The occupancy levels of our dining and drinking establishments has been reduced to 50 percent of normal capacity.

We strive to keep guests and staff members six feet from each other at all times: All tables are placed at a minimum of six feet from each other.

We have social distancing markers denoting the six foot distance requirement in all areas where lines may form. These markers are located on the floor.

We have separate entrance and exit doors to to help reduce guest contact as individuals are entering and exiting.


Reservations are encouraged at Death & Company, via TOCK. The party size is capped to eight people in accordance with local regulations. Half of the premises will be reserved for reservations and the other half accommodates walk-in guests. Each reservation entitles the party to a two-hour maximum time limit. If guests would like to stay longer we request they notify their server 30 minutes before the end of their reservation.

Menus & Payment:

Guests are offered either a single use printed menu or will be able to view the menu digitally on their phones via a QR scan code.

We are a cash-free establishment and only accept debit and credit cards.

Health & Wellness:

Guests can opt in to a voluntary wellness check-in to assist in contract tracing. Should a case of COVID-19 be traced to our property, all guests who completed the wellness check will be alerted.

All culinary staff will wear masks and gloves, while guest-facing servers and staff will wear masks.

All dining staff will follow mandatory enhanced sanitation and hygiene protocols.


All staff will be screened for fever and COVID related symptoms before each of their work shifts.

Any staff member who has had cold or flu-like symptoms will be entered into the CDC recommended testing and quarantining protocols immediately upon reporting these symptoms.

All staff will practice appropriate social distancing measures, hand washing and sanitizing.

All staff are required to wear masks while indoors or interacting with staff members and guests.